Saturday, July 26, 2014

The truth is strange

  There is a company in the Town of Plymouth, Maine, Soil Preparation,  that processes human waste (sewage) into a product that can be used to fertilize land used for crops not intended for human use.  It stinks!  the neighbors complain about the odor, the State promises to do something but doesn't really do anything.  It stinks!  Frankly I'm surprised that such a place exists but this is Maine and folks have to scramble to earn some sort of living and they do employ 20-25 people.
  I went to see the doctor yesterday for a regular visit.  At some point, somewhere, someone will test my hands for carpal tunnel.  My hands are weak, I can't open bottles without my little rubber strap and forget unopened jars.  We know that arthritis is to blame for a large part but I suspect some of the other too.  The rest of me is doing well, it's been nine months without a smoke and my breathing has improved.  I'd like to walk more but I keep developing "corns" on different parts of one foot so it hurts after a while.
  Blah, blah, blah - guess I'll say goodbye for today

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