Sunday, July 27, 2014

"We need laborers, we need hearts and minds" "We don't need muscle anymore"

A group of teachers are welcomed - click to enlarge
Photo: Nell Gluckman, Bangor Daily News
  A small group of 25 teachers from all over Maine paid $95 each for a intensive four day trip to the Maine woods.  They were being led by he Maine TREE Foundation, a group who want educators to steer kids their way.
  The quote (title) was made by  Jeannot Carrier of E J Carrier, a company that checks the quality of a stand of trees.  Acre by acre they determine which trees are good for what use, they build roads and bridges needed for harvesting.  They are heavy computer users, they need young workers with talents in science, engineering, and computers; machines do the work, they need brains.  The teachers learned that nothing is wasted, even the small parts of trees become wood chips used in energy and heating plants, the sawdust is made in to wood pellets to heat homes.
  The teachers visited a working forest, a harvesting operation, a sugar house (Maple Syrup), and a sawmill.  The group in a tour bus were so far in the Maine woods the Border Patrol checked on them, he hadn't seen that type of vehicle in the woods so close to the border before.
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Watching at the sawmill - click to enlarge
Photo: Nell Gluckman, Bangor Daily News

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