Friday, July 18, 2014

Killing spiders and skunks

House fire in Seattle
Photo: KIRO-TV via
  A man in Seattle saw a spider in the laundry room and wanted it gone.  Now, he didn't just swat the spider or step on it, NO he came up with a plan.
  Using a lighter and a can of spray paint!  That was a genius plan, right?  Spray from the can over the lighter would make a flame thrower and burn the spider up.  Brilliant! Except the wall caught fire, the fire spread and the total damage amounted to $40,000.00!  Oh by the way the house was rented, he is probably looking for a new place.
  That reminds me of an Ohio family who found a skunk in the basement.  Instead of opening the door in the basement for the animal to wander out, they shot the skunk with a shotgun.  They thought, there goes that thinking again, a quick death would mean no smell.  They were wrong!
  Then in another genius move they poured kerosene on the body and lit it on fire!  Wrong move.  That fire quickly spread and the house burned to the ground.

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