Thursday, August 7, 2014

Found "beef"

Charlie and some Maine State Police Troopers
Photo: Maine State Police
  Charlie is a life sized fiberglass steer.  He has spent the last 27 years in front of Town and Country Foods in Greene, Maine.
  Charlie had been "un-bolted" from his base and moved so he could be cleaned and painted.  And then the "rustlers" came in the middle of the night and hauled him off.  There was a $500.00 reward offered for his safe return.
  Paul Valliere, an LL Bean employee, was fishing the Androscoggin River in his Kayak when he was passing a small island in the river and saw a cow!  That was so odd he stopped fishing and went to investigate, he found Charlie.  After eating his lunch with his new-found friend Mr. Valliere found an article in the local news about Charlie and called the number provided.
  The Maine State Police, with the help of the Maine Game Wardens, found Charlie and eventually brought him to shore and he has been taken home - intact.  The investigation continues.
Getting ready to unload the boat.
Photo: Maine State Police

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