Monday, September 1, 2014

Will your economy grow?

Here is the "educated guess" of growth - click to enlarge
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  The economy will grow, slowly, in most states in the next quarter.  Well it started today, the quarter, and ends December 31st.
  This map shows Maine in the second best tier but I think it will hinge on the election in November.  Our governor claims to have created 20,000 jobs, my count show he has caused the loss of about 8,000 jobs.  I am not an economist and neither is he.  I'm not a loud mouthed bully.
  The whole world of jobs in Maine has changed in my lifetime.  We had textile and shoe mills as far as the eye could see.  In 1952 all of that started to crumble now we have one or two successful shoe companies, one or two remaining paper mills and retailers all fighting for a piece of the pie.  Maine has the oldest population a lot of workers have followed the jobs to other places.
  And that's Labor Day in Mane - wishful thinking and no action.

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