Sunday, November 30, 2014

This little piggy stayed home.

The Pig on a plane
  Some people have support animals, helpers if you will.  Some people who have seizures have a dog that alerts them when one is going to happen.  Other people have an animal for emotional support.  Allegedly.  My own opinion is that some of them are attention seekers.  That's why you see women, or men, in Wal-Mart with four dogs in the cart!  Do YOU want to use that cart?
  One woman was an "emotional support animal" that's a pig.  That's right, she has for her "emotional" support a pot bellied pig.  A fine swine if ever there were one.  But the porker doesn't like to fly.
  Recently the woman and her support animal boarded a flight, she tied the leash to an armrest and the pig went wild.  No flight for the little guy, he was off-loaded and that little piggy stayed home.
An expanded view.

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