Saturday, December 6, 2014

I'm almost tired.

  Yesterday was a great day, or a good day, but it almost made me tired.  It was Hollies 30th birthday so we celebrated that.  She had heard so much about 30 making women feel older that she had some question as to whether she was a "geezer" or not.  No, I told her you have to be 60 to start being a geezer.  She was satisfied with that answer.
  We ate lunch at Bugaboo Creek in Bangor, because they give a birthday cake to the celebrant and you also get to kiss the moose (stuffed head).  She informed them that she has Autism and didn't want any noise or candles.  She also requested the cake to go.  She did kiss the moose.
  I recently learned that the animals on the walls will no longer talk, that's kind of sad because children, and a lot of adults, really liked that.
  So, I left home at 4:15am to go to coffee and got home about 1:30pm, I think that's about 9 hours and enough time doing things to make me a little tired.

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