Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Admiral

RADM Grace Hopper
Photo: www.wikipedia.com
 In 1944 Grace helped build the Harvard Mark One the first computer of the modern age.  She taught the computer to talk too.  Before her success with computer language the machines only understood math formulas we needed them to understand other directions.  She invented COBOL (helped invent) the first time computers could be used in business.
 Later when the Mark Two stopped running Grace found a dead moth that had shorted a circuit.  We now use the word "bug" when something is wrong with a computer, and we de-bug it.
 Admiral Grace Hopper would be 108 today!  Happy Birthday.  She is, as you know, one of my heroes.

Working with UNIVAC in 1960
that's just the keyboard part!
Photo: www.wikipedia.com

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