Wednesday, December 31, 2014

He called it The Flash!

A Meteor during the 2009 Leonid shower - click to enlarge
  Yesterday at coffee Norton came in.  He was all excited about The Flash.  He claims to have been walking his dogs in the field at his home when he saw it.  He told us it was 100 feet off the ground and as big as a battleship!  It would have been about 4:30AM he said.
  In all truth a meteor was seen in some parts of Maine about 6:30PM the previous evening, but that's not what he saw, nor is it what he said.  Norton has a way off putting news items in the first person if you will.  Or, often, he just makes things up.
  Now, I'll also submit that a large hole opened on Hammond Street in Bangor (just in the area of yesterdays blog) early in the morning yesterday.  Public Works officials blame a sewer pipe or collector from the 1800s.  I wonder if The Flash fell to earth seconds after being seen in Glenburn.
News Article on - click to enlarge

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