Friday, August 31, 2012

A housewarming for Hollie

Hollie with Mom and Dad
It was "Crazy hat day"
  Hollie moved to Brewer in July but the housewarming was on August 28.  The difference is schedules for staff and other agency employees.
  The "new" house is very nice, actually extremely nice for a residential placement for our daughter.  She was able to pick the color her room would be painted, lime green, and helped plan some of the rest too.  She has one house-mate who has a room upstairs, hers is downstairs.
  There were a lot of people attending, maybe 25, and we were most fortunate that a lot of them were excellent cooks.  The food I ate was great and I didn't get to try it all.
  For the folks who work at the Charlotte White Agency a big "thank you" from a grateful pair of parents.
Linda with (l to r) Cindy the Program Director, Doreen a Direct Care Provider
and Shanna who works with Cindy.  All with their finest hats.

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