Thursday, August 30, 2012

A short trip

Reversing Falls, Hancock Maine - outgoing tide
  Well yesterday Lovie and I took a short tip down to Schoodic Point.  We stopped at Reversing Falls on the way down; the tide was running out so the falls weren't reversing.  If the tide were coming in those "rapids" would be going in the other direction - thus, the name.
  At Schoodic we walked on the the "flat" rocks, or the flattest ones and sat around a bit.  We drove over the Blueberry Hill on the way out and stopped at several of the cobble beaches for photos.
  Cobble beaches are made up of roundish rocks varying in size from 2" to 8" around.  The cobbles were formed all over the countryside by the glaciers went they passed over.  Tides and wave actions keep them round as they have for many, many years.  You can hear the clink and rattle when a wave breaks and retreats - it's a very nice sound and musical too.
  The weather was just great after a hot spell the wind was from the north and west and the sun was shining on August 29, 2012 in Maine.
A cobble beach, the lighter shaded grey areas are the cobbles.

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