Thursday, September 13, 2012

1202 is a big number

I didn't do my homework!  I have nothing, of substance, to write about.  Soooooo I thought I'd show you all some of the Projects I've done in the past.  It won't be too painful.
An "unusual Ford"
This Ford tractor is yellow because it's a Road Tractor and was sold to a state highway department, I have learned that several hundred of these were sold.
Old Red
This one, probably a Farmall, was retired, it was a good project IF I had used darker coloring.  My old art teacher in night school always told me my stuff was too pastel.  He suggested I illustrate childrens books.  Maybe I'll write one and illustrate it.

Well that's it.  I will be more diligent today and find a "real story".

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