Sunday, September 9, 2012

Levant Old Home Days

The Marine Corps League leads the way - click to enlarge
  Yesterday was the parade for Levant Old Home Days, it's a very good parade for a small town like Levant.
  The Town has been organized since 1802 and at that time was the only place with "regular" houses between Bangor and the Kennebec River, and that's quite a distance 40 miles maybe.  It has it little quirks in history.
  An interesting bit is that Levant was the place where the last "tar and feathering" was done in Maine when a religious leader of a sect from Durham Maine was the subject.  Interesting that my wife lived in Durham while in high school.  Durham is way south of here maybe 140 miles or so.
The newest piece of equipment, Levant FD is well manned, one full time, and equipped.
They are known for doing a great job.
This 1951 Ford Convertible was my second most favorite.
The camera batteries went dead just before
the 1937 Chevrolet Pickup got here. :(
Photos by Linda Grant.  If you look behind the Ford you'll see the development where we live.

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