Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sticky stuff story

Original Scotch Tape tin
  On September 8, 1930 Mr. Richard Drew, an employee of 3M, received a patent for a tape that could be used to seal a newly manufacture transparent material called cellophane.
  The original packaging appears to be like a shoe polish can, but it was shaped to hold one roll of tape.  I am sure the price of the "first of it's kind" tape was initially expensive, and for industrial use.
  The name "Scotch" was used because a previous invention for tape was so costly that a customer was outraged enough to tell a 3M salesman to "take it back to your Scotch bosses"; meaning that Scotch people are known to be 'thrifty' or cheap.
  Scotty McTape a cartoon spokesperson for Scotch Tape made his first appearance in 1950, some of you may remember him.  Since my family had no television until 1955 I don't recall seeing Scotty, but I'm sure he was around.
  I also don't need to tell you that this has been a very popular and profitable invention.  The 3M Company is generous with employees who invent new products - they just don't "steal" them as other companies do.  Maybe that's what led to their success.
Scotty McTape

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