Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A happy day for Mama

My mother and me (the geezer hisself) about 1945
  The day after Labor Day in 1946 was the day my mother must have prayed would never end.  I started school, the first grade, at age 5 in grade one.  I walked up the road with my brother, who was seven, it's about a half mile.
  Her instructions to my brother was not to walk with me, or show me the way, it was "and, make sure he gets there!".  You see, well to put it mildly, I was ADDHD before those words existed.  Hyper would have been a mild term, and the ADD part is still with me.  I was always a good worker because my work was finished as fast as I could - - so I wouldn't forget what the "boss" wanted.
North Lebanon, Maine School
  I started on the first floor, there were 4 grades on each, where the green door is now.  There were wooden floors that had been oiled, by my grandfather, over the summer.  I can still smell that odor in my head - it's good, a woodstove for heat, and an 'outhouse' bathroom in back of the wood shed.
  Frank, Eldon, Shirley, John and Joyce joined me as Grade One, we got our new Workbooks and Mrs. Pierce went on the greet Grades Two, Three and Four.  That's it, just four rows of desks a teachers desk up front, blackboards on one wall, windows on the other.  We did have electricity.
  Life was pretty simple in 1946.  Life was good (just a little penned up).
This is Wesley Gene, he is now two days old, my newest grandchild.  His mother had a good day yesterday too.  Welcome to the family Wes, and welcome to the world.
  Wes and his mother, Rhonda, reside with daddy in Ocala, Florida.

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