Thursday, September 6, 2012

Louisa Ann Swain, et al

  September 6, 1870 is one of the important days in history if you are an American Citizen.  She holds one indelible place in United States history.  She was the person who became the first woman to legally cast a vote.
  On that morning she dressed, put on her apron and bonnet and took her bucket to town to purchase yeast.  On her way she saw a sign that indicated it was a polling place, she walked in and cast her ballot, having no idea that she was first.
  Described as a grey haired housewife, with a Quakerish look, she has been commemorated in our history.  I thought you should know, if you didn't already.
   The Nineteenth Amendment to the U S Constitution was ratified on August 18, 1920, it allows women to vote, anywhere in the Country.  My own mother turned 7 years old 9 days later.
  This is a Presidential Election year, any citizen who does not have an intellectual disability, or is not (in some states) a felon is usually eligible to vote.  Register to vote now at your town/city offices, if you are not already registered.  Then on Election Day join me at the polls.  It is not a Citizens right to vote it is a Citizens responsibility!
  If you have not voted you can not complain about who is in office, you put them there because you didn't care!
A poster for passing the 19th ammendment,
which was ratified the following day in 1920.

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