Monday, October 15, 2012

Nobody told me

From Lincolnville beach, the ferry is coming in
from Isleboro, it's the farthest one out - click
  The water was placid in Lincolnville when we went by, I just stopped to take a look, the main reason for the trip was anxious in the back seat.
  You have to carefully chose where to go along the coast just to make sure you get to see the water, I guess people like to drive in straight lines.
  I'm somewhat surprised to be online today, I mis-understood  the directions, it's tomorrow and a few days after that we may get unhooked (is that a real word?).
  So, my guess is that you should check every day to make sure I'm an honest man.
Hollie in the small park adjacent to
the Rockland Breakwater - click
It was Uncle Lysles' birthday so she wore
a Muppet shirt in his honor. :)

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