Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trip along the coast of Maine

Belfast, Maine Oct 13 2012 - click to enlarge
at Waterfront Park
  We had a great trip to Rockland, Rockport, Camden and Belfast (that's the list on the way home), the day was nice but cold in the morning.  It was between 27 and 30 degrees during my walks.  The leaves weren't as pretty as those inland very dull shades along the coast with few exceptions.
  We got a few photos taken but travel with "the girl" is always a bit rushed, she doesn't understand taking time to do such things - that's why we have magazines!

  We may or may not be offline Monday-Thursday or so this week, we will only have our cell phone on the landline will be down too.  New flooring in the living room is the reason.  Have to move everything in to one of the other rooms, not an easy task in a small place.  Check in often to see if we're back.
A part of Rockports waterfront. - click
The World (condominium ship) in Rockland Harbor Oct 13 2012 - click
Owls Head Lighthouse, though tiny, is in the photo too, hint think left, but
not too far.

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