Monday, October 22, 2012

Truth in advertising, or not photo
Don't think it's too hard to find myself
  Now I've got that subject and photo up here, but I really want to talk about ageing, and if advertisers are afraid of us geezers.
  It's 12:30AM and I am up and wide awake thanks to something called "thrush", that's a fancy word that means I turn bright red and tingle and burn.  Thankfully it last for only 20 minutes or so.  I get that because I take massive doses of niacin to fight tri-glycerides (whatever the hell that is).
  I have the TV on ESPN catching up with the scores of NFL and the Baseball Series.  Cardinal fans may feel uneasy this morning.
  The ads on TV for beer:
1.  No one under 35 drinks beer except that one old guy who much be wealthy because he always has
     3 or 4 young women with him (he drinks that beer from Mexico - but not often).  The ads never
     show anyone get drunk either. Huh?
2.  One ad for a beer with lime juice added (gag!), shows a truck in a business district when people     leave the office.  Notice that men in shirts and ties go down the water slide but the young women have found a way to change in to tiny halters and short shorts.  What's up with that?
3.  The geezers sell life insurance and reverse mortgages.  Other geezers work for companies that take
      advantage of the Medicare money to sell second-rate stuff to diabetics and others.  Especially up
      for the "Go to hell" award are the motorized wheelchairs, scooter stuff.  Can you spell rip off?

You know there's not a lot of truth in any of those ads, but some people believe them.  Scary isn't it?

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