Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now. That's better.

Wesley, growing up Tigger
  That's our new grandson up there, growing fast, he'll be in school next week or so it will seem.  He probably won't remember being dressed as Tigger the tiger, nor will the wee little girl in the skunk costume I save on the local TV station last night - that was cute.
  The doctors appointment went well, she says I need to walk more - that was encouraging.  I felt much better yesterday than the day before, and right nice this morning, but I haven't moved around too much either.
  The lower photo is Hollie, or Tom Brady - you decide.  She still like to get in costume as long as there is no mask and it's regular clothes.  She does try, notice the fingernails are in Patriot colors.
  So today I'll walk a little further and more often and maybe I'll be in better shape tomorrow.
Tom Brady or Hollie - one or the other
Photo by Cindy Smith

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