Thursday, January 24, 2013

Never surrender

Shoichis Cave, his home from 1945-1972 - click to enlarge
  On January 24, 1972 authorities found Shoichi Yokoi.  The man, a Sergent in the Japanese Imperial Army, had been on Guam since 1943.  World War 2 ended but Shoichi had vowed to never surrender.
In the end he had no choice, his option exhausted, the cave had been located.  It is now a tourist attraction.
  He was cleaned up and fed and had an exhaustive medical examination, and finally, returned to Japan to a bewildered nation who had long thought him dead.
  That's this day in history.  American history (label) you ask?  Guam and the neighboring islands of the Northern Marianas are a U S Territory, ever since the end of the Spanish American War.
Shoichi gets his first haircut in a long time, before going home.

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  1. I had to look back on my Navy records; I go to
    Guam (COMFAIRSOWESTPAC) IN DEC 59, must of have
    been in 60 that they got a holdout from WWII,
    anyway he was brought to the air terimal where
    our offices were (was he every dirty) he tought
    the war was still on, they flew some Japanese
    down from Japan and finaly talked him into going
    back to Japan. He was caught stealing chickens.
    It seems to me that they scanned the island with
    helos and got another person to come out of hiding. I could go on and on but you get the
    idea. Wilbur