Monday, January 21, 2013

A daydream believer?

  As you may recall from my last post it all started with a dream.  I dream a lot.  I don't know if it more than most people, less or about the same.  I do know they don't take long to develop and don't last long from beginning to end.  I often snooze, maybe 4 to 10 seconds I'd say, while watching TV.  Sometimes I "think" it's in concert with what's on the screen but not always.  I'll demonstrate from yesterday.
  I had read the story about the girl who asked Victoria's Secret to make her mother a mastectomy bra, they're considering the idea.  In my dream a lady was being fitted, I think there was no visual, and wanted to tell the store lady that she needed to use a "daily cream" on that one, she instead used the words "dairy queen".  This was not a visual dream, just words.
  I saw a story about not keeping chickens in cages, okay I guess, farm stories are always interesting.  I dreamt that a farm wife with an unusually round face and her skinny husband took my captive when I tried to sneak on to a chicken farm.  I didn't have a reason to be there, just looking I guess.
  I saw an ad for the upcoming movie "Identity Theft".  I dreamed that I could no longer drive and needed to find a driver.  A friend said " I know a guy with an 8 year old hamster", I checked the man out.  He needed my office phone number and 3 labels from some of my mail, he wasn't hired.  And how in hell would a hamster be a good driver?
  Doctors this afternoon I'll keep you posted.

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