Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's at the bottom of the ocean in Kansas?

Some of the calcite boulders in Kansas - click to enlarge
  In eastern Kansas' Ottawa County you will find Rock City.  Rock City isn't a government project but it is run by a non-profit.
  These really are a geological surprise to me.  The calcium part of calcite is from seashells and that sort of thing that are at the bottom of the ocean.  Kansas is a long way from the ocean these days but
way back you could get a good buy on a beach house.
  If you wanted to see such  a sight locate the Town of Minneapolis. It's in a triangle with Kansas City and Topeka and not too far from Atchison (Santa Fe is not connected here).
  Odd things in this world and most are a mystery to me.  If you're ever out roaming around stop and see Rock City.
Another view - click to enlarge

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