Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out of touch? OUT OF TOUCH??

  Well, they got it done.  Both houses of Congress got off their collective asses and voted to pass one piece of emergency legislation.  Bless their little hearts.  Poor babies must be plumb tuckered out!
  Here are some numbers for us little people to think about:
                                       126  -  days Congress will be in session in 2013
                                       239  -  day of vacation for those hardworking dumb asses.
                                       174,000 - amount in US dollars, it's the least one of them can earn.
                                       193,400 - dollars paid the Senate/House majority/minority leaders
                                       223.500 - dollars paid to the Weeper of the House, err Speaker

  Are we starting to see why these people are out of touch with the rest of us?  Have you just lost your breakfast?  Now, now don't feel bad they're going to get a raise of between 1/2 to 1 percent of their pay; and let's not forget the free travel on "junkets" around the world to "study" problems (NOTE problems in other countries, not ours).
  I'm pretty ticked off, can you tell?  A bunch of nitwits that can't agree on ANYTHING, don't understand why families are having a hard time to pay the bills - but wait!  They'll help us little people, here's a sample:
                                   Millions of dollars cut from LIHEAP funds for elderly and poor people.
                                   They will vote to increase the amount of interest on student loans.
                                   They will cut the amount of COLA on government programs like social
                                     security and retirement benefit checks.  Those are OUR EARNED benefits
                                     not a "welfare payment" that your/my congress person thinks.
  I think it's time for a clean sweep, throw them out - nah!  Whoever is elected will be corrupted by the money (corporate) and power, and the sweetest benefits/perks that you and I can only dream about.  Maybe I'll win the lottery.


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