Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just a little help for the flour mill

The Pillsbury A Mill c.1900 - click to enlarge
 I recently read that the Pillsbury A Mill in Minneapolis was listed as in grave danger if work was not started on restoration of the mill complex.  Relief is on the way!
  Pillsbury built it's A mill on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis in the 1890's.  The mills capacity of 5000 barrels of flour a day outstripped all other flour mills which averaged 500 barrels.
In 2005 - click to enlarge
  With two water tunnels each driving a water wheel there were 2400 horsepower ready for doing the mills work.  Over the course of productive life there was never an explosion (flour dust is combustible) so the original wooden framework is still in place.  Vibration of the work has called for the buildings to be reinforced from time to time and the top of the building now has bowed out so that the top is 22 inches larger than the bottom of the A building.
The A building in 2010, the bow is noticeable to some - click to enlarge

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