Saturday, December 29, 2012

The river got cold

The Penobscot River and Milford Dam appear frozen in this photo - click
Photo: Barb Sosman
It looks like the river froze,
by God I think it did.
You think it's frozen?  You think it did?
I didn't know, I went and hid.

I needed an escape, just what could I do?
The damned river froze. Yup, that's what it did.
It snowed forever here, how about you?
I froze the river over. Yup, that's what it did.

Now you could walk to Milford, couldn't you?
All the way from Old Town, if you watched your toes.
It was cold and snowy, we didn't know what to do,
We may be "up the creek" now that the river froze.

Disclaimer: This is pure fiction, the "river froze" in top photo was a cold and snowy day
in 2009.  This last snow was only about 9 inches.  You can't believe much of what my
imagination writes.
The same site - unfrozen - click to enlarge
Photo Linda Grant
Seen from space, Milford top right, Old Town bottom left
photos above taken from or near that little green tree. - click to enlarge
Photo: Google Earth

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