Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nearing years end

March 23 2012 in Racine, Wisconsin - click to enlarge
  I could put photos on here of all the horrors we've seen unfold during 2012, but I won't.  We've seen enough of that stuff already in my opinion.  2012 was a tough year weather wise, crime wise and with the never ending war this country continues for no good reason.
  So I'm choosing to focus on some "happier" moments (it wasn't for the worm).
                          A bird came up the walk,
                          He did not know I saw,
                          He bit an angleworm in half,
                           and ate the fellow raw.
                                             Emily Dickinson
March 8 2012, Faskusfjordur Iceland
Photo - click to enlarge
  Some of natures finest fireworks were seen during the year, the suns surface was active with eruptions.  Long ago in Norway people thought the Northern Lights were the reflections of herring in the ocean.  Inuit people (Eskimo) said the lights were caused by the Gods playing ball with skulls.
I'm sure many other peoples had their own explanations. 
  Can you find the eagle?
I don't know where this was. - click to enlarge
  This cat is doing what most cats do, he sees the little bird, a chickadee maybe, and tries his damnedest to catch it.  The bird got away, and the kitty got on with life, he looks to be well fed anyway, so it wasn't life or death.

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