Monday, December 24, 2012

The Christmas Bird Count

Belted Kingfisher - click to enlarge
Photo: Dave Small, Photos by chance
  In 1900 the American Audubon Society started to take a count of birds on Christmas day.  This was done to combat the habits of "hunters" who went out and shot birds and animals on Christmas and just left the dead birds and animals in piles to rot.
  Of course there are rules and regulations now and hunters are much more responsible, but the census of birds continues throughout the Western Hemisphere during the Christmas Season.   You will find bird watchers with sound recorders, telescopes, binoculars, notebooks and cameras out and about, busily tracking any species of fowl that they come across.  This is blog number 1300.

                               Hope is the thing with feathers,
                               that perches in the soul,
                               and sings the tune without the words,
                               and never stops at all.

                               And sweetest in the gale is heard;
                               and sore must be the storm,
                               that could abash the little bird
                               that kept so many warm.
                                                     Emily Dickinson
Evening Grosbeak
Photo: Dave Small, Photos by chance

Freeze Frame, Northern Cardinal (female)
  And a couple of birds who flew the coop, and left their work undone:
Not watching out for the little guy

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