Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Senior coffee, black

Black coffee in a paper cup
When I go for coffee, each day at five AM,
the orders the same, as it's always been,
senior coffee black, it's not hard to understand;
no cream or sugar NO, I like mine kind of bland.

I don't want banana-licorice, or coconut toast,
just the kind of coffee like you used to roast,
no orange marmalade double cream parfait,
senior coffee black, it's real easy to say.

Senior coffee black - no, nothing on the side,
I don't want strawberry creme double scoop slide,
no espresso supreme chocolate surprise,
and thank you no, I don't want any fries.

I'm a plain coffee guy, that's just the way I am,
and I kind of think, this coffee stuffs a scam.
Why all the excitement with plain old black joe,
without all the extras, and I don't want it to go.

By this time I'm excited, or pissed off if you please,
I'd grab his skinny throat and give it a squeeze,
when he finally hands me - now get ready for this...
...a senior coffee black, ahhh! Sweet bliss!

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