Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Riding out the storm?

Old Tractors in Hermon - click to enlarge
Photo: Linda Grant
  Well, the few warm days in January were good but we all knew that a payback time was coming.  It starts today.  It's cooler, like yesterday, but walkable; the bigger deal is the snow that arrives a little later.  Oh, it won't be a lot of snow, couple of inches, but it is a reminder, a beacon for the future.  It's only January so I need to adjust my attitude just a bit, slow down, walk less and ride it out.
  But I'm waiting for the warmer weather, not hot, to see the nice old cars come out in the sunshine,
old Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Studebakers - that's what I'm waiting for.
1924 Graham.  This brand blended with Page then Essex,
all of them become Hudson.
Photo: the geezer hisself at the Bangor Waterfront Car Show
A highly modified 1936 Ford, but it's really a nice one.
Photo by the geezer hisself, yes suh!

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