Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting ready for the light show

Leo Villareal sets up computer controls for the lights - click to enlarge
Photo: James Tensuan, SF Chronicle
  Twenty-five thousand LED lights will put on a show in March 2013 on the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.  Mr. Villareal, the controller, is now setting up the lights to the sequences they will use for the show.  It's technical, don't ask me.
  The show will take place on the "western" end (the SF side) and the brand new "eastern" end will have it's grand opening (I think) in March.  If you Google "bay bridge" and choose this bridge there are a number of news sites about the new bridge and schedules.  Or, you can wait and see if I remember to show you "The Show".
The lights are tested, and reflected near Pier 14 in San Francisco. - click
Photo: James Tensuan, SF Chronicle
Lights are on, in this section of the bridge - click
Photo: James Tensuan, SF Chronicle

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