Saturday, February 16, 2013

An electricly charged, fighting, flyby

Please pay attention to the commas in that title, they may tell the story.  Here are some of the remaining National Geographic reader photos; the last of which I'll use.
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  In this photo one billion (with a B) flash over Costa Rica, hopefully it didn't hit anything.
Photo by James Hogan for submission to National Geographic.
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  Here are two foxes, they are playing not fighting. The Photo by Blaine Korel was taken at a drained lake in Virginia.  It must have been a lot of fun watching these two.  Maybe we all should have a camera ready at all times.  How else would you catch something like this?
A Snowy Owl hunts in minus 30 degree weather. - click to enlarge
This beautiful owl was photographed by Markusdidinkus Stevens for submission to the National Geographic.  I don't know what Mr. Stevens was doing out in those temperatures but I'm glad he caught the owl on film (or was it digital?).

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