Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Places to go, things to see

Hummingbird on clover - click to enlarge
Photo: Wichita Eagle reader photo
  Yesterday while taking a peek at the Wichita Eagle ( I found 131 reader submitted photos for a contest.  I look through some of them, very interesting.  They're worth a second peek, here are but a few.
  To see for yourself use this link:
Wichita Eagle's Great Outdoors Photo Contest

There are a lot of interesting things out there on the World Wide Web, newspapers are a great source of information to keep the brain engaged.  I have another month or so before starting to walk again my doctor tells me, so I'll just keep reading "newspapers".  Try it.
A Least heron or maybe a Bittern in an unusual perch. - click to enlarge
Wichita Eagle reader photo
Painted Bunting - click
Wichita Eagle reader photo
Food for thought, a Kansas wheat field - click
Wichita Eagle reader photo

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