Sunday, February 17, 2013

A couple of opinions

The nib of a fountain pen
  A couple of nights ago my night in bed was a bit worse than others, it got so bad my wife came in to see what the matter was.  I was dreaming, of course, but the subject matter is what I was upset about.  In my dream I was giving art lessons, as if I'm qualified, and one student wanted to paint and draw with applesauce.  That is strange but I was going along with it until....she was trying to use chunky applesauce in a fountain pen.
  Now, if you're familiar with fountain pens you know that anything with even minute lumps would clog it up.  You probably also know that applesauce, even the smooth kind, doesn't belong in a pen.  And how in hell could you possible write or draw with applesauce.  I was really worked up over this problem, no wonder it was a difficult night.  I really need to keep my imagination in check.
Chunky applesauce.
  I need to watch what I see on television.  I was watching golf, The Northern Trust Open, yesterday and my mind started in. Again. Yes, again!
  I started with the announcers.  At this point I need to tell you that the TV was on mute.  I watch most sports things without the sound because it's really hard to hear what is said.
  Golf show use an announcer, or sports caster, and a "color man".  A color man is usually a former golfer who no longer plays.  The color man is also usually an English speaking person either Irish, English or Australian.  In others words they don't talk like me, and that's okay.  What the trouble is that because of my hearing loss it's nearly impossible to understand what they say - thus the mute.  But I complain about it anyway.  Why?  Because that's the way I am.
  Then the commercials bothered me. Mercedes Benz, Northern Trust - those two in particular, and here's why.  Gold used to be a "rich mans" sport.  Those days are long gone, all sorts of men, women and children play golf.  But, golf broadcasters would like us to believe that golf is still for the upper class.  That in itself is enoungh to piss me off, top that off with advertising aimed at folks that are wealthy and I'm boiling!  They're advertising things for people to buy or use by people who get rich selling guys like me stuff made in China or Honduras cheaply and sold at a high price.  By the time I've written all the "letters to the editor" my energy is gone and I'm angry.
    I have to stop watching golf, maybe I'll take up NASCAR.

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