Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty from the air

I found a number of photos by Gabe Souza a Staff Photographer for the Portland Press Herald.  The photos look at Maine from a different angle.
Trails left by worm diggers at low tide. - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabe Souza, PPH
In Maine one way to make a living is by digging and selling worms that are used as bait.  These are large worms, blood worms is, I think, one of the types.  Interest trails left by very hard work.
Pieces of ice float on the Kennebec River - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabe Souza, PPH
Ice, broken into pieces by tides or the U S Coast Guard, line the banks of the Kennebec near Bath.  Not a place to be.
A steel yard in South Bath. - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabe Souza, PPH
Steel held for sale or use in South Bath.  I'm thinking a lot of this will end up in U S Navy ships built by Bath Iron Works.  Looks like a lot of heavy lifting.
Smelting on the Androscoggin River - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabe Souza, PPH
Smelts are small fish that have species found in both salt and fresh waters.  In the late winter smelt from the ocean enter rivers for breeding.  Smelts are caught by "dipping" with nets, and other means.
Eaten fried and whole, some people love 'em.  Our oldest grandson Nick loved them when he was a little boy and he also loved ice fishing - he now lives in Florida and is the daddy of our first great-grandchild, Ellie.

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