Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is being a few minutes late worth your life

  In my opinion if people left home on time to be where they're going it would save lives, money and misery.  I don't have photos to show the outcomes of most peoples hurrying but how they park might give us a peek.

I'll be right back, so what's the problem?
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  Feeling self-important doesn't give anyone the right to just do as they please.  Some people just think traffic laws are for "the little people".  It ticks me off! Really!  Five or six minutes more on the phone, which is glued to your hand, or sleep isn't worth it.
I'm always in a hurry.  What's the problem?
Photo: Mike Cogh,
  As long as this person backs out carefully it'll be okay.  But they won't be careful, they will "bump" the other car and it will be the other persons fault.  Won't it?  This person will do as they please and the hell with the rest of us.
In too much of a hurry to do it right. On the run!
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  In the habit of being late.  That "protects" some people, it's an excuse that's become a way of life.

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