Monday, February 18, 2013

A plague of pigs. It's true.

A family of feral pigs on the run
Photo: Jerry Lara San Antonio Express-News
  Down in Texas there is a plague of pigs, along with 39 other US States and 4 Canadian Provinces they have a huge problem.
  Feral pigs have no natural predator, there are no legal poisons and there are not enough hunting and trapping programs to keep up with the growing population.  The pigs start to mate at 5 or 6 months of age and produce a litter every 12 to 15 months - it's like having large rabbits.
  Texas has hunters with two airplanes and two helicopters that try to keep up with the problem but they are too little, too late.  Farm fields, golf courses and cemeteries are destroyed nearly every day.  Airports with some extra land are often given the extra problem........of pigs!
Pig in a puddle
Photo: Shannon Tompkins Houston Chronicle
Up against a fence, they'll dig under
Photo: Shannon Tompkins Houston Chronicle

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