Monday, November 25, 2013

Just some basic stuff here
  I was going to tell you what the average workers retirement benefit would be ($1230.00) and the median amount was.  The problem seems to be that people who write search software don't know the difference, when I asked for "median" I was taken to "average", they are, as you know, two distinct things, and most often different things.  Boy oh boy, that 1.5% raise is going to make that average amount huge! ($1248.50).  Of course the Medicare Part B will increase probably, but I don't know yet how much.
  We've got some North Dakota weather here this morning 16 degrees with 14mph winds for a wind chill of 2 degrees.  Well Wilbur lives with it so can I.  I just went to the kitchen to start the car, point that thing out the window and BAM! the thing starts right up, it will warm up faster when I get in.  I'll be getting in very soon, it's coffee time with the gang!

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