Sunday, November 24, 2013

The rich get richer and that ain't enough!

David Cote, CEO Honeywell, Vice Chair Business Roundtable
Photo: The National
  There is a group of 200 CEO's of some of the Country's largest corporations called the Business Roundtable and Fix the Debt.  Each of these people has retirement savings of at least 14.5 million dollars, Mr. Cote (photo) has 200 million dollars in retirement savings and could receive $800,000 in monthly retirement payments.  The most us folks covered by Social Security could receive, at full retirement age in 2012 was $2,533!
  The Business Roundtable brain trust want's to "fix the debt" by cutting the amount people can receive from Social Security!!!! These geniuses really believe you and I get too much money!! They believe the Nation debt can be cured by cutting earned benefits for the poor and middle class.
  Do you still believe in horoscopes?
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