Friday, February 28, 2014

In a nutshell

A sure sign of Spring, at Wolf Neck Farm
Photo: Gordon Chibroski Portland Press Herald
  Can 20 degree weather be far behind?  Lambing season is upon us, and a promise of what's to come; maybe.  The weatherman isn't so sure, but who is?  The long winter has been colder this year and it is getting tiresome, so I'll look for any sign of promise and progress.
  Speaking of progress, not much is being made in the Bitstrip department.  Try as I may there's not a lot of improvement for me in working in/with it.  Here's the latest.
click to enlarge
See?  Not a lot of progress, I've lost the change of costume and body posture, back to the drawing board.  Tomorrow you can look forward to something different.

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