Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's go to the lodge, umm, maybe.

The lodge at Cle Elum
Photos: Cascade Pro Media - Brian Hawkins
  I might have found the perfect place, if you really like wood and stone in a rustic sort of way.  Located in Cle Elum, Washington in the Suncadia area, it's a gated community.  It's about a half hour away from Seattle in an outdoor recreation area.  There are four bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.  Lots of amenities including a shooting range and theater.  It's only Three million dollars!
  The support for the spiral staircase is a four-hundred year old tree - or was.  You can find more information on the www.seattlepi.com site, or I think I saw it this morning on www.msn.com. Bye.
The main entrance
Photo: Cascade Pro Media - Brian Hawkins

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