Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ice out in Bangor, Maine 1914

The Bon Ton Ferry and the Eastern Steamship Terminal - 1914
Photo: Courtesy Dick Shaw to the Bangor Daily News
  100 years ago last Sunday the ice was finally off the Penobscot River and things started to finally move after a long cold winter (kind of like this year).  Important was the return of the Bon Ton Ferry that moved passengers from Brewer to Bangor, along the line now occupied by the Chamberlain Bridge.
It also meant the "large turbines" of the steamships with names like Belfast and Penobscot could resume shipping and passenger service to coastal Maine and Boston.
  The lumberjacks had worked all winter up river cutting trees for the sawmills, there were over forty along the river from Old Town to Bangor in those days.  When the log were felled they were piled on the river banks awaiting ice out and the log drives on the river started again.  Read more:

The Steamship Penobscot, one of the large turbines, see from Brewer
Photo: Penobscot Marine Museum

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