Friday, April 18, 2014

North Dakota "socks" and the coffee guys in Maine

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  I read the story about the illegal dumping of radioactive waste by the oil companies getting rich and taking shortcuts in North Dakota.  Profits mean more to some companies than public health.
  My mind works in "wanderous" ways, so I'm thinking about dogs being exposed to that pile of junk.  Then I wondered what the coffee guys in Bangor, Maine would do if they say the dog.  Wouldn't you have thought of that too? No? Well I think of things like that, here's what happened.

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  The dog, who somehow made it from western North Dakota to Bangor on one of the "oil trains" wander by the trio waiting for McDonalds to open on Union Street.  Paul does think, in fact knows it's a dog, but says it isn't.  He pretends it's a Jack Rabbit.  He uses the term "jack rabbit" a lot and he's not even from South Dakota. (Google this term "south Dakota jack rabbit")
  Pretty silly stuff if you ask me.

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