Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nova Star is a star for sure

The ferry Nova Star arrives in Portland, Maine April 16, 2014 - click
Photo: J Craig Anderson Maine Today Media
   The newest ferry that will link Portland and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia arrived to a huge welcome in Maine last Friday.  The 530 foot Nova Star is the thirty-fifth in a long line of ships to run that route, and it comes after a number of years without a ship, but the Cat ran from Bar Harbor to Nova Scotia during that time.
  With room for 1200 people, 335 automobiles or 36 semi trucks or busses it will make the trip in 10 hours, all the while burning 970 gallons of diesel an hours.  It can be a critical link it travels 210 miles instead of a 750 mile trip on highways.  There are lounges, dining facilities and a casino among the many comforts, staterooms are on there too.  Come enjoy the ride.
You can see how the mileage differs - click to enlarge
Source: Google Maps
The Lounge on Nova Star
Photo: Maine Today Media

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  1. That really sounds like a great trip, to bad a person needs a passport now days.