Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kind of a long day

Photo: Linda Grant (Mrs. geezer)
  It's nice to see the cows out!  Things are greening up nicely, that photo is from last summer, the leaves are coming in too.
  We had kind of a long day yesterday Mrs. geezer had some work done on her wrist so I kind of went along - well there wasn't any choice.  There were no problems with the exception of the doctor running late.  Do doctors usually run late anyway?  I think the answer is yes.
  She was finally let "go" at 5:45PM; it was scheduled to be about 3:00PM, and we got home about 6:15 and that's almost my bedtime.  I had a late supper, three hours later than usual, and I lived through that!  It was okay, the world didn't end or anything.
  She has had a good night and some sleep too, and I'm going out for coffee with the crew.

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