Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Missing spoon collection, and more

President James A. Garfield
Photo: www.wikipedia.org
  Thieves have broken in to the Monument of President James A. Garfield in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  The monument is 180 feet tall and contains the remains of the former President and his wife.  The caskets are on display and the spoon collection, a special collection of commemorative spoons, was taken from a glass case in that room.  Those collections were popular at the time of his death in 1881.  Most spoons were made of sterling silver.
  Mr. Garfield was President in 1881, he served for 200 days before he was assassinated.
  The thieves left behind cigarette butts and a whiskey bottle and could soon be identified.  If you deal with collectable spoons be on the lookout.
The James A. Garfield Monument
Photo: AP

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