Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who is buried where?

Markers within a grid point to graves
Photo: Bob Whittaker via Bangor Daily News
  Bob Whittaker, recently retired, wanted to know where relatives were buried in Maine where his family originally came from.  What he found in Trenton is part mystery and part sad ending.  The remains of a number of relatives and others are in a cemetery long forgotten, or neglected.
  He and some family members found where the burial ground was, and to their surprise still is.  Many hours of work have turned up some graves and markers, but not an explanation.
William Norris, War of 1812 Veteran. Found.
Photo: Bob Whittaker via Bangor Daily News
Elmer Whittaker, World War One Veteran
is he here too?
Photo: Courtesy of Bob Whittaker

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