Friday, November 14, 2014

Just a couple of things

End of the line
Photo: NASA
  The photo above was released by NASA.  It shows the (former) USS Constellation being towed around Cape Horn on the way to a scrap yard.  The tug is also shown and you can see the cable being used between the two vessels.  I think that now every ship that was commissioned during my Navy career is gone.  I could be wrong about that because I don't have any lists to go by,  I am sure about aircraft carriers.  Hell Wilbur and I are scrap now too, in a way.
  The photo below takes some careful reading.  But you can do it.  Click these photos to enlarge.
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  1. You are right I was on the USS Enterprise and the poor babe is gone,but she could move when the power was applied. Damn I miss the US NAVY. Wilbur