Sunday, November 9, 2014

The bacon was cooked

  My coffee pals and I went to a Hunters Breakfast yesterday at 4:30AM.  I won't say where to avoid embarrassing anyone, it was more than horrible but less than near-good.
  I had spotted a road sign a few days before and told them about and we decided to go.  Now, a Hunters Breakfast is typically hearty with beans, bacon or sausage, eggs, biscuits, coffee and do-nuts, this one had some of those things.  There were undercooked eggs and potatoes, overcooked biscuits, no do-nuts and so-so coffee.  But the bacon was cooked.
  I ordered scrambled eggs and sausage and got over easy eggs (kind of cold).  But the bacon was cooked.
  We aren't going there again even if the bacon was cooked.

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  1. You should have went to the chow hall where the food is good and the service is excellent. I still miss them good breakfasts in the chow hall. Wilbur