Thursday, November 13, 2014

What am I doing?

Photo: Linda Grant, 2012
  Well, I missed yesterday because, I didn't oversleep there just was no internet connection.  You need to be online to blog, for the most part.
  Tuesday was another busy, busy day.  I went to coffee at 4:30, home after shopping for a couple of things at 7.  At 8:15 I took a woman in to Bangor and then picked up my guys.  After lunch we went to our regular meeting and I took them home.
  I picked up Hollie at 2:30 and we ate at Bugaboo Creek where I was given a $10 gift certificate because I had a military ID, I also got a free sandwich at Subway at lunch time.  Hollie and I went to Target and then to Staples (of course), and I took her home, it was about 6pm.
  Yesterday I got my new glasses and Linda had her eye exam and ordered hers.  We ate at Jason's New York Pizza for a terrific lunch, with enough left over for supper!
  See ya!

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